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Continuing Education Online, CEUs for Social Workers, LMFTs, Counselors, LPCC, MFT Interns, LCSW, ASW, RN, LVN, CNA, Nursing Professionals and all other learners.


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Continuing Education Units, Social Workers CEUs, Lmfts CEU, Counselors CEU, LPCC CEU, Registered Nursing CEU, Certified Nursing Assistants CEU, Licensed Vocational Nurses CEUs, CEU for Drug and Alcohol Counselors, Psychology CEU, Mft Interns CEU, LCSW CEU and ASW CEUS. Welcome to all Health Care and Medical Workers that make a difference in the lives of others.


Board Approvals, Sponsors: NASW - National Association of Social Workers, BBS - Board of Behavioral Science,  NBCC, California BRN,  Florida Board of Nursing,  CAADAC,  DC BRN, Florida - Physician and Certified Nursing Assistants, Florida Board of Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling, Texas Board of Examiners, State Nursing Boards, State Board of Social Work, State Board Lmft .

Ceu for LMFT: Ceus for LCSW: Ceus for Counselors: Ceus for LPCC: Ceus for Interns: Ceus for MSW: Ceus for MFT: Ceus for Substance Abuse Counselors:

Link to our sponsor approved courses for APA credit


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