NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Law and EthicsLaw and Ethics Continuing Education Course to meets state, APA, NASW, NBCC and BBS requirements. 6$41.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Ethics in Social WorkNASW Approved Ethics Course. No NBCC credit. The standard by which professional conduct is measured. 4$32.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Professional Law and EthicsThis course covers Law and Ethics including Reporting Laws, Confidentiality, Informed Consent, Referral, Advertising, Malpractice and more.18$107.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Law and Ethics 1212 Credit course to meet BBS requirement for licensure.12$69.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Clinical SupervisionSupervision Ceus for social workers, mft, counselors and mental health workers. BBS and NASW approved. Not approved for Florida.7$34.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Models of SupervisionSupervision ceus course that meets state and national requirements. BBS and NASW approved. Not approved for Florida.8$39.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Ethics in SupervisionEthics in Supervision Continuing Education course. 3 Credit CEU course in Supervision.3$24.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Domestic Violence
NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Domestic Violence Spousal AbuseAccredited Domestic Violence continuing education course. Topics include causes, theories of, treatment and intervention.7$42.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Spousal Partner Abuse Spousal Abuse Assessment and Reporting course that meets the BBS requirement for ASW and intern credit. Can be taken for BBS, NASW, NBCC and state credit.15$89.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Child Abuse
NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Child Abuse Assessment and ReportingMandated Child Abuse Reporting Laws including standards for filing a report. Assessments strategies of CPS.7$41.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Child Sexual AbuseDefinitions, Scope, and Effects of Child Sexual Abuse. Diagnosis, Treatment and Psychological Interventions. 5$40.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Crisis Trauma CounselingCourse material focuses on psychotherapy of acute critical situations with the aim of restoring the person to the level of pre-crisis functioning.15$89.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Crisis InterventionGuiding principles, recommendations, and resources for developing crisis mental health services.8$39.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Aging and the Elderly
NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Aging and Long Term CareAging and Long Term Care to meet the 3 unit BBS requirement. Aging Course, Aging CEUs3$24.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Aging and Elder Dependent Adult AbuseAging Course meets requirement for BBS interns and ASW and all other professionals. 10$49.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Continuing Education Other
NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Alzheimer's DiseaseAlzheimer's Disease - Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment and Intervention.3$24.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
AngerAnger Management Diagnosis and Treatment Options. Discussion includes Variables that Influence Effective Treatment.2$16.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Identify Signs and Symptoms. Describe treatment options.4$19.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Autism Spectrum DisorderCourse topics include Rare Autism Spectrum Disorders, criteria for diagnosis and how to identify the disorder.3$24.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Autism Understanding Autism, what is it, what are the signs, symptoms, treatment, prognosis and differential diagnosis. 2$16.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Bioterrorism Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction. This Bioterrorism course is Texas and Nevada Approved. 3$28.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
California Cultures and Socioeconomic StatusCalifornia Cultures, and the Social and Psychological Implications of Socioeconomic Status. Meets BBS requirement. APA, NASW approved. No NBCC credit.15$120.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Cultural Competency and DiversityCultural Competence Continuing Education Course for Social Workers, Mft, Counselors, Nursing and other learners.6$48.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Developmental Issues from Infancy to Old AgeDevelopmental Issues from Infancy to Old Age. This course meets state requirements for continuing education renewal and licensure.15$75.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental DisordersMental Illness including research, twin studies,outcomes,symptoms of psychosis, statistics, diagnosis, treatment options and prognosis.8$64.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Eating DisordersEating Disorders Continuing Education. Psychological, social and interpersonal factors that contribute to eating disorders.2$16.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
EmpathyUnderstanding empathy and rediscovering the art of listening. Approved Continuing Ed online course. 2$16.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
HIPAAAre you compliant with HIPAA? Find out here. A Guide to HIPAA Compliance for Mental Health Professionals. 2$16.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Hiv AidsAccredited HIV/AIDS course for all professionals that need the ceu course. AIDS continuing education online.7$34.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Human SexualityHuman Sexuality Continuing Education Course Ceus. Course meets state, national and BBS requirements. 10$59.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Loss, Grief and BereavementA guide for clinicians. CEU course on managing the Grief following the loss of a loved one.3$24.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Mental Health Recovery Oriented Care BBS accepted course for licensure. Mental Health Recovery Oriented Care and Methods of Service Delivery. BBS, NASW and APA CE Credit. No NBCC credit.45$289.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Multicultural Development and Cultural Interaction Multicultural course to meet state requirement for licensure and prelicensure CEU credit.15$75.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Pain ManagementDistinguish between two basic types of pain. Identify the most common types of pain and identify available treatment options.3$24.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
PsychopharmacologyLearn when to refer a patient to a psychiatrist. Understand the use and effects of medications. BBS accepted.15$120.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
StressIdentify the underlying causes of stress and learn ways to manage stress. Stress continuing education CEUs.2$16.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Sleep DisordersUnderstand the external and internal factors affecting sleep and sleep patterns and the available treatments.2$16.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Substance Abuse
NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Therapeutic Alliance and Substance Abuse Establishing and Maintaining a Therapeutic Alliance with Substance Abuse Patients. Substance Abuse Ceus. 4$19.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Responsibility and Choice in Addiction Substance Abuse continuing education that focuses on the biological, psychological, and sociocultural issues of addiction.6$29.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Alcoholism and Substance Abuse DependencySubstance Abuse and Dependency. This ceu course meets state, national and BBS req. including intern and ASW credit.15$75.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Alcohol Problems in Intimate Relationships An Alcohol Addiction guide for working with couples and individuals who suffer from alcoholism. Helpful with families.3$24.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
CoOccurring Disorders and AddictionCo-Occurring Disorder and Addiction is board approved to meet state requirements for CEU credit.15$75.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Florida Courses
NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Prevention of Medical Errors Meets the CE requirement for FL Nurses. This course is NOT approved for LMFT, Social Work, and Counselors. Course for Psychologists is listed below. CeBroker reporting all courses.3$14.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Florida Ethics and Boundary IssuesThis online ceu course meets the requirement set forth by the Florida Board of Social Work, MFT and Mental Health Counseling.3$14.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Florida Hiv AidsFlorida HIV AIDs continuing education course to meet state requirements. Approved HIV AIDS online ceus.3$14.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Domestic ViolenceDomestic Violence course to meet Florida's continuing education requirement for ceu credit.2$9.80  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Florida Laws and Rules of the BoardMeets the Florida Nursing 'Laws and Rules of the Board' required continuing education course. Direct Ce Broker reporting for all courses on this site.2$10.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Florida Standard PrecautionsStand Precautions Online Course to meet Florida CEUs requirement.2$10.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Medical ErrorsPrevention of Medical Errors for Florida Psychologists. Not approved for MFT, SW and Counselors. CeBroker direct reporting for all courses on this site.2$10.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test

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